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XBRL Filing

XBRL is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data which is revolutionizing business reporting around the world. XBRL filing provides major benefits in the preparation, analysis and communication of business information. It offers cost savings, greater efficiency and improved accuracy and reliability to all those involved in supplying or using financial data. XBRL stands for extensible Business Reporting Language. It is already being put to practical use in a number of countries and implementations of MCA XBRL are growing rapidly around the world. It is applicable to certain companies only and not mandatory for all the companies. At Unilex Consultants we provide you a hassle free XBRL filing which would be dealt by our professionals within a time frame of 5-7 working days subject to availability of all the documents .Our team takes care of the XBRL requirements.

Advantages of XBRL Filing













Documentation for XBRL Filing

Balance Sheet, P&L Account

Notice & Director’s Report

Auditor’s Report

PAN No of Company

Annual Return as on date of AGM

Subsidiary Information

Description of Product/ Service

Cost Audit report



Process involved in registering a XBRL Filing


Obtaining the information


Document Review & Completion


Generating XML file

Requirements for XBRL Filing

    - All companies listed with any Stock Exchange(s) in India and their Indian subsidiaries.
    - All companies having paid up capital of Rupees five crore and above.
    - All companies having turnover of Rupees one hundred crore and above.

Companies Exempted from XBRL filing

    Non-Banking Financial Companies,
    Housing Finance Companies and
    Companies engaged in the Business of Banking and Insurance Sector.

Unique Features of XBRL Filing

    - Legal way of pooling in resources to put forward the business.

FAQs About XBRL Filing

What are the Advantages of XBRL?
XBRL offers major benefits at all stages of business reporting and analysis. The benefits are seen in automation, cost saving, faster, more reliable and more accurate handling of data, improved analysis and in better quality of information and decisionmaking. XBRL enables producers and consumers of financial data to switch resources away from costly manual processes, typically involving time-consuming comparison, assembly and re-entry of data. They are able to concentrate effort on analysis, aided by software which can validate and process XBRL information. XBRL is a flexible language, which is intended to support all current aspects of reporting in different countries and industries. Its extensible nature means that it can be adjusted to meet particular business requirements, even at the individual organization level.
Who can benefit from using XBRL?
All types of organizations can use XBRL to save costs and improve efficiency in handling business and financial information. Because XBRL is extensible and flexible, it can be adapted to a wide variety of different requirements. All participants in the financial information supply chain can benefit, whether they are preparers, transmitters or users of business data.
What is the future of XBRL?
XBRL is set to become the standard way of recording, storing and transmitting business financial information. It is capable of use throughout the world, whatever the language of the country concerned, for a wide variety of business purposes. It will deliver major cost savings and gains in efficiency, improving processes in companies, governments and other organizations.
Does XBRL benefit the comparability of Financial Statements?
XBRL benefits comparability by helping to identify data which is genuinely alike and distinguishing information which is not comparable. Computers can process this information and populate both pre defined and customized reports.
How does XBRL works?
XBRL makes the data readable, with the help of two documents – Taxonomy and instance document. Taxonomy defines the elements and their relationships based on the regulatory requirements. Using the taxonomy prescribed by the regulators, companies need to map their reports, and generate a valid XBRL instance document. The process of mapping means matching the concepts as reported by the company to the corresponding element in the taxonomy. In addition to assigning XBRL tag from taxonomy, information like unit of measurement, period of data, scale of reporting etc., needs to be included in the instance document.
What is Taxanomy?
Taxonomy can be referred as an electronic dictionary of the reporting concepts. Taxonomy consists of all the data definitions, the basic XBRL properties and the interrelationships amongst the concepts. It includes terms such as net income, EPS, cash, etc. Each term has specific attributes that help define it, including label and definition and potentially references. Taxonomies may represent hundreds or even thousands of individual business reporting concepts, mathematical and definition relationships among them, along with text labels in multiple languages, references to authoritative literature, and information about how to display each concept to a user.

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